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Welcome to the The 2012 North Carolina Building Code®website.

You will be able to view the new The 2006 North Carolina Building Code® in an Adobe® Reader® format. The files found on this site are in a read only format and are not available for printing. This site has been updated to the 3rd printing.

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This 2012 North Carolina Building Code contains substantial copyrighted material from the 2009 International Building Code, Fifth printing, which is a copyrighted work owned by the International Code Council, Inc.

2012 North Carolina Building Code


Building Chapters


2012 North Carolina State Building Code Building Code cover
Copyright Page
North Carolina State Building Code Council
North Carolina Department of Insurance
Effective Use of the International Building Code
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Scope and Administration
Chapter 2 - Definitions
Chapter 3 - Use and Occupancy Classification
Chapter 4 - Special Detailed Requirements Based on Use and Occupancy
Chapter 5 - General Building Heights and Areas
Chapter 6 - Types of Construction
Chapter 7 - Fire and Smoke Protection Features
Chapter 8 - Interior Finishes
Chapter 9 - Fire Protection Systems
Chapter 10 - Means of Egress
Chapter 11 - Accessibility
Chapter 12 - Interior Environment
Chapter 13 - Energy Efficiency
Chapter 14 - Exterior Walls
Chapter 15 - Roof Assemblies and Rooftop Structures
Chapter 16 - Structural Design
Chapter 17 - Structural Tests and Special Inspections
Chapter 18 - Soils and Foundations
Chapter 19 - Concrete
Chapter 20 - Aluminum
Chapter 21 - Masonry
Chapter 22 - Steel
Chapter 23 - Wood
Chapter 24 - Glass and Glazing
Chapter 25 - Gypsum Board and Plaster
Chapter 26 - Plastic
Chapter 27 - Emergency and Standby Power
Chapter 28 - Mechanical Systems
Chapter 29 - Plumbing Systems
Chapter 30 - Elevators and Conveying Systems
Chapter 31 - Special Construction
Chapter 32 - Encroachments into the Public Right-of-Way
Chapter 33 - Safeguards During Construction
Chapter 34 - Existing Buildings and Structures
Chapter 35 - Referenced Standards
Chapter 36 - Piers, Bulkheads and Waterway Structures
Appendix A - Employee Qualifications
Appendix B - Board of Appeals
Appendix C - Group - Agricultural Buildings
Appendix D - Fire Districts
Appendix E - Supplementary Accessibility Requirements
Appendix F - Rodentproofing

Appendix G - Flood-Resistant Construction
Appendix H - Signs
Appendix I - Patio Covers
Appendix J - Grading
Appendix K - Administrative Provisions